How was WPPI 2017?

WPPI 2017: how was it?


If you’ve been to WPPI in the last few years you likely dialed in a pretty solid routine at the MGM. This year the show was at the other end of the strip at the Las Vegas Convention Center and everything felt different!

I hosted a round table discussion about all things WPPI 2017 and we covered everything- using the WPPI app, finding food, networking, vendors, classes and everything in between!

In short, there were things to like about the new location, but it also felt quite removed from the strip. Being the first year at this location, there wasn’t a local meetup place where we could just “bump into” the photographers we know and love.

However, the trade show hall was unified instead of in two rooms, seemingly brighter and cleaner than at the MGM.

If you went to WPPI, drop a comment below to tell us your thoughts!


A huge thank you to my guests for their time and insight on WWPI 2017:

Heather Ball from Blossom and Bloom Photography

Julie Ferneau of Julie Ferneau Photography  and the Photospark Podcast

Sage Justice from Justice Photography



Show notes:


4:30 Skipping classes at WPPI to network?

8:32 Was WPPI aimed at newer photographers?

10:00 How changes affected eating and networking.

11:55 Meeting vendors this year.

16:00 Meeting Paris Hilton.

18:50 Going to WPPI for the first time.

20:15 Things don’t go according to the plan!

23:40 How to survive WPPI. Party nap?

25:00 Pre-game preparations for WPPI.

29:28 Who had the best trade show booth?

Mentioned: VISION ART, 17hats, Richard Photo Lab

32:20 Were booth sizes smaller? Less vendors?

34:00 Making real connections at WPPI in a sales environment.

37:20 Each of us rate this show and summarize what we liked & didn’t like.

50:10 Will WPPI relocate next year?

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