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We are an editing & design service for photographers. We focus on clean and natural editing so you can focus on the essentials of your business. Let’s get started!

Our Services.

Clean & natural Lightroom editing for professional photographers.

Culling | $0.09/image

Give us a target range and we will keep the sharpest, most emotionally charged images that tell the story and showcase your work well! Easy upload with a Lightroom 5 Catalog + Smart Previews!

Lightroom Edits | $0.30/image

Global edits for a clean & natural baseline image for proofing. Most everything on the Basic panel in Lightroom is where we start but cropping, HSL adjustments and horizon straightening are fair game as well!

Retouching | $$$ Quote basis

From simple pimples to extensive masking and clipping. We eat nightmares for breakfast.

Album Design | $4 per page

Let’s showcase your work and tell their story. Designs always start from scratch and are available for your album company of choice.

happy clients say...

  • “DUDE!!!!  You’re so on top of it!!!!!!  You win the award for best customer service. EVER!”

    (side high note… I’ve already told 2 others about Essential Edit just today!!)

    Wesleyann via Florida
  • “Leon’s so amazing and easy to deal with! Very competitive prices and a great service!”

    Rebecca via Australia
  • “Y’all ROCK! Kind, prompt customer service…quick, quality work. Thank you!”

    Betsy via Oregon
  • “Great product and fantastic customer service!”

    Emily via San Francisco
  • “Awesome”

    Casey via California
  • “You’re awesome and you help me get back to what I love – shooting!”

    Melissa via Mexico
  • “Great service, efficient, & reliable.”

    Jody via Las Vegas
  • “Thank you for saving me some time! Edits look great! Referred you to a another wedding photographer I know.”

    Michelle via USA

Try before you buy.

  • meet the owner
  • 1.

    Let’s talk about your workflow! What are your goals and methods? What is your vision? How can we best help? We look to understand the big picture and how we can serve you best!


    Send us a dozen images and we’ll process them to show you what we can do! You may love what we did right away, but you may also want us to make some changes. Any feedback is saved for all future orders.


    Once we get the green light and you’re happy with our samples, we are there to serve you! No monthly subscriptions or package pricing that you regret later.

  • Leon Sandoval Photographer Therapist

    Hey friend!

    Truth is… my thing is helping photographers. Since 2004 I’ve been building teams of talented editors to help photographers do more of what they love. 

    It’s also true I’m on a mission to be the best dad, husband, and friend on the planet. 

    You can often find me at the beach with family & friends, training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or throwing the ball for my dog. 

    Let’s chat about YOUR STORY and how we can best help! 

Our Work.

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